Friday, March 11, 2011

Danger distended stomach and its prevention

This is a warning to those who feel his body more "stretchy" or the circumference of his stomach continued to "swell". Latest findings of experts revealed a large abdominal circumference can make your brain shrink! The results showed, those who are obese have more fluid in the amygdala region of the brain involved in feeding behavior. Research also shows the size of the smaller orbitofrontal cortices in volunteers coil big belly. Part orbitofrontal cortices play an important role to control impulses, and had a role in feeding behavior.

The essence of overcoming obesity, especially belly fat burning body is doing. To form a flat stomach and six pack ideal body fat percentage of 10-15%. How are taken can vary, eg aerobic exercise that is like jogging, skipping, basketball, badminton, futsal and others.

Prior to burning fat, it's good we reduce the consumption of food containing fat. Because fat contributes the largest calories than protein or carbohydrate. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, while protein or carbohydrate contains only 4 calories alone. This was also followed by many of the consumption of fruits, vegetables and proper diet. So exercise alone is not enough that food consumption still exceeds our body's caloric needs.

A few quick tips that we can do to shrink the stomach is as follows:

1. Eat and drink with a balanced nutritional composition, adequate fiber, and adequate drinking water.

2. Eat small portions but frequently than once eating in large portions to avoid over-expanding belly.

3. Do not get used to open the buttons or zippers pants if feels to eat too full. These habits will create and provide opportunities belly swell.

4. Make a habit of exercise a week at least three times a week. It would be better, if it took every morning sit-ups that can tighten the abdominal muscles.

5. Get used to being upright, either sitting or standing with the right of the stomach by pulling back.

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