Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tips decline in stomach-fat

Abdominal organ size is not large, but has the ability to stretch and reduce depending on the amount of food consumed at that time. If you regularly consume large amounts of food, your stomach will gradually spread further and you'll need more food, so sick of him. How to shrink, the stomach is tempting you eat 3 times a day with small portions can be. You always need to eat so your metabolism is reduced by food intake slows considerably. Reducing overeating Prosi diet tips to shrink the stomach, it does not work optimally with advice.
2 (two) weeks
FRESH 1 cup skim milk + 1 serving (rise) + 1 skrambel toast.(Vegetables cooked or more salad mix that has not been reached)
week 3 and so on
The menu with a menu of rice, but united in portions reasonable, and should not be reached.

2 (two) weeks
Lunch without carbohydrates or pasta and vegetable dishes and multiply: What I do is the soup, milk, (net non-fat) soybeans.
Have you not hungry eat a lot of supplements and (combined) kombain soup steak without fat, multiply the number of meals are not carb soy pasta.
Week 3 and so on
Combined with carbohydrates. If you want full, no carbs, but lots of vegetables or side dish.

2 (two) weeks
Full Mix cooked vegetables, salad, soup, sausages, meatballs. Eat your fill of country of origin does not use rice, noodles or bread.
week 3 and so on
In combination with the bread, cookies can be, but not much and that every day. 1 month in strict accordance with the model of the first, if the weight was reached, paving the way

More importantly, the pattern remains the same: less carbohydrates. Weight control at any time if I think there are other appropriate conditions.
You may want to consider the following.
Breakfast is about 200 calories. It may be a piece of toast with butter, scrambled egg and half a glass of milk.
Eat healthy snacks, fresh fruit, fiber, fresh fruit will be on you satisfied longer.
Lunch is about 400 calories.
If after 2 or 3 hour lunch, you will be hungry again please get your fresh fruit as a snack.

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