Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weight loss tips

The key to lose weight permanently is not a diet, but lifestyle changes related to food, amid the incessant promotion of instant food that constantly invites us to "eat, eat, and eat!"

1. Motivation
Decision or a strong motivation to change their eating habits permanently determine the success of weight loss.
2. Reduce carbohydrates (rice, bread, etc.) and avoid fats (fried foods, coconut milk).
But do not you eliminate carbohydrates from your eating because the body needs carbohydrates remain, just not too much.
3. Avoid sugar in your drinks!
Beverages that bring most troops are sugar soft drinks. It is advisable to not drink it anymore. Always ask for mineral water if you're eating out.
4.Avoid foods containing more than five ingredients. More and more materials are used, then the process longer.
5. Expand eating fruits and drinking water.
6. Specify the recommended daily calorie needs.
You still need a certain amount of carbohydrates, protein, and calories because the goal of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume through diet, exercise, and so forth. Determining the target calorie are considered according to age, weight, height, and level of physical activity, use the calculator that will show the number of calories you need.
7. A beautiful morning to practice and walk away
Practicing in the morning would be more effective, because your stomach is empty and of course the main combustion will take from your fat.
8. Rest taste
A good resting time is 8 hours a day. Do not over do less.

The important thing to remember is the man to burn calories faster than women because men have more muscle mass and can burn 30-40 percent more calories while training with the same force and intensity. It is not realistic to expect similar results in men and women at the same time with similar exercises. So do not compare yourself with your partner when it comes to how many numbers that successfully reduced the time to start practicing together.

That's some of my weight loss tips from me, hopefully can help.thanks.


  1. Nice post man, thanks for the tips. Followed!

  2. ohhh I think the hardest thing for me is number 2: Reduce carbohydrates