Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Zero calories

Just so you know, in this world there are foods that contain no calories in it. The consumption of broccoli means that you do not consume calories at all, get rid of only a few calories to digest it.
Many small things
You probably know about the prohibition of eating in large portions, to maintain weight. Try to eat small amounts of food but in more frequencies. These habits will make your stomach does not empty at any given time. The result is, of course you can resist your appetite.
Full of water
Do you drink two fifty-eight glasses of water before eating. This will help the appetite. Water also increases your body metabolism. Do not hesitate, that water near your best friend.
Always a reserve half a
Attempts to eat outside the home is not a problem that occurs only rarely. To anticipate, adapt to half fill the stomach before leaving. This also helps you on your guard, even if not resist the temptation to eat not eat to complete party.

A final advice to keep your appetite with relaxation to do. Do not do it is with a load, it will be easier to violate the ban. You should also know that your appetite is not that you do not eat, because after all your body needs good nutrition. Here we come, leggings!

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