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The calculation of ideal weight

To learn how an ideal weight so easily calculated. from ancient times until today the most widely used formula to your ideal weight, the formula of Broca, an expert of his time in the anthropometry of the science of measuring human including how to calculate your ideal weight to use calculated.

The formula for the ideal weight

You can use the following formula to calculate your ideal weight:
(Height - 100) formula for the ideal weight x 90% =
For example: If your height 150 cm, your ideal weight (150-100) x 90% = 45 kg.

From the above you can use the results of the following equation:
* Overweight and obesity result = 10% to 20%
* Overweight and obesity or obesity = result of over 20% of what
Obese = result * 10% less than they should

Sometimes the phrase "eat fewer calories than you burn" is a mantra for weight loss. The problem is reduced to eating and physical activity are very hungry people who do not provide a positive change in the long term.

Forget the calories
The principle of calories has a point, but it causes the kind of calories burned differently in the body. Often, the only fat that observed in the low-calorie diet, there are indications that if the same calorie intake, people who consumed the most fat to lose more weight. In addition, the effect of food on taste to determine the weight and the ability to eat. The key to losing weight permanently is to not focus on how much you eat but the quality of their food.

Eat foods rich in protein
Calorie for calorie, protein has been shown to stave off hunger longer than carbs or fat. The foods are rich in protein to meet generally able to satisfy your hunger, thus emphasizing the importance of eating foods rich in protein as meat, fish, eggs, nuts and grains in your diet.

Food glycemic index (GI) Low
The GI is a measure of the rate and quantity of food releases sugar in the blood. The higher the number of GIS in the diet, the less satisfying experience. Of the 20 studies published from 1977 to 1999, suggesting that low GI foods 16, the satisfaction derived from the foraging and reduce hunger. Other foods rich in protein-rich potato, which has a very low GI, beans, lentils, and most fruits and vegetables.

first pieces
Daily breakfast can help prevent most people overeat during the day. This is formally tested in research published in the Journal of Nutrition. This study shows that people who eat eat eat at night on average more calories than those who have large portions for breakfast. So to have a natural appetite, do not forget breakfast.

Eat a little, not too
When we are hungry, it is for us to decide what we eat and how much more difficult. Eating between meals and eating nuts or fruit in the afternoon / evening for more healthy meals at odd hours to eat. Eat regularly to lower levels of insulin (a hormone that can increase body weight by stimulating the production of fat) is associated.

Do not buy
One way is a good diet with proper food selection patterns, because unhealthy food is easy to get, and not difficult to eat. A simple way to achieve this is to ensure that no supermarket shop when hungry. So, eat before you buy.

Limit alcohol intake
One way to reduce unwanted calories is alcohol. Some drink alcohol because of the perception that alcohol as a taste and relaxation effect. But what is less known is that consumption can also be caused by hunger and thirst. Police not thirsty and not in a bar or restaurant when you're hungry, the amount will remove your drinking water.

Use small plates
The meal is very difficult when a large plate of food because the use of plates, a tendency to serve and eat more than you should be. Therefore, eating with plates and bowls help reduce overeating.

Eating slowly can cause the amount of food by the body and may increase the risk of eating too much reduction. Ideally food should be chewed before swallowing uniform. It may also help us not to touch the food and tools to eat again until dinner really consumed.

Find your perfect diet
Psychological research shows that everyone has a level of skill in the metabolism of different foods. For example, some people have a high metabolism of fat, while another person has a metabolism of carbohydrates to view. Maintain a healthy weight is adjusted to the condition of the body.

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