Monday, April 4, 2011

Are you an emotial eater?

We ate at a birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc.. to celebrate. The Oder, we get during the holidays and dinner -. Social functions in the church and potluck meal there. And they call it one way or another turn around the food. It has a role in our lives of comfort and relaxation. We are working on the cultural and above instinct and serve food for comfort, learned in a loss to celebrate or to show the joy of friendship and love. The food is very important in our lives. Without food, we are not now the implementation of our daily activities. For our muscles, our nervous system will be deleted. We all need food.

Emotional Eating What?
But you eat when you are lonely or sad? Nutrition as a source of energy law and provide just enjoy the satisfaction that the agreement is not forged. In fact, shows that science can food good feelings by chemical reactions caused in our brains to promote. What is a problem if a person is not pain, fear, joy or even boredom can these feelings without having to teach to food as a way to deal with food or becomes a burden and was obsessed with power.
emotions turn to food as a source of distraction to fill it. However, the consumption of these foods leads to feelings of guilt, with more food, restricted feeding, a group practice or unfair can only be alleviated.

Essing times of emotional evaluation in accordance with their weight and how, "the perfect diet conscientiously Because of these disturbed relationships vis-à-vis food is food." Good "and" known bad "soil - can the meal to emotional eating-to. to carry serious.

Check with food against hunger, for reasons? Will you eat with the thought of - if you plan to eat or who was on the border of the Essen obsessed with him?

Do you regularly try diets and falls lead to debt and promote this surplus food? Try to adjust, or power, vomiting, or with means of payment? Get a mandatory training, if you think you ate too much?

Since emotional eating caused by watching how a food strategy for the finite can really hold more emotional problems. If you are not liable emotional eater diet they can out of a sense of guilt that can not stand to be soothed with more food and in order, more debt or punishment.

Instead of trying to eat on which they focus, have the emotional eaters get round the new building with stressful emotions. Often this requires using a personal trainer or psychotherapist eating, emotional uses. It is just to die for comfort food finds replacements compensation, dass die food provided individual in his place and setting legitimate learn healthy eating habits can die A final years.

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